What I Love About My Wife

Picture 003I met Tara Elizabeth Pope for the first time at the Burlingame Caltrain station on Halloween 2000, and today is our tenth wedding anniversary.

We’re not exchanging gifts, per se….we’ve decided that our gift for ourselves is a debt-free future for ourselves and financial security for our son, so our budget reflects that. And, the truth is, that “budget” is one of many words I never used before I met her, not unlike “decoupage,” “trellis,” or “portmanteau.” She’s made me grow up and kept me young at the same time.

Tara is, quite simply, a remarkable human being. Not just because she’s had the courage to love me despite my numerous flaws, but because she’s one of the most gifted, yet most humble people I’ve ever met. She’s smart, well-read, and has the ability to excel at any task she puts her mind to.

For the first eighteen months of our relationship, we lived in a studio apartment and slept in a full-size bed. NOT a queen or king-size…a bed made to sleep one person comfortably. I didn’t know it was possible to share a space that tiny with someone and still get along, but when we moved to the house we rented in Pacifica, we were still inseparable. She’s the easiest person to be around that I’ve ever met.

Somehow, I managed to find someone who loves the same movies I love. She’ll watch Bridget Jones’ Diary and Real Housewives of Orange County and then turn around and watch Evil Dead (the original, the sequel, Army of Darkness, or the reboot) or American Horror Story. And, somehow I found somebody who ALSO riffs back at the TV, MST3K-style (I’m sure I narrowly escaped being murdered several times while growing up). Sometimes, in the middle of Lawrence Welk or Law & Order SVU, I’ll think, “Damn….somebody should be recording this.” She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

She’s my conscience. If I’m honestly wrestling with how to handle a situation or whether to do something or not, I know I can come to her and take whatever she tells me to the bank. She’s my head cheerleader and biggest fan.

She also makes great sandwiches. I had no idea sandwich-making was an art, but she makes sandwiches that really should be sold in a deli for $7.

She gets along with my entire family and adores my mother…you can’t buy that.

And, she’s a fantastic mother. My guilty secret is that she does all the work: she does treats and favors for Johnny’s class, puts together great birthday parties, and does amazing crafts for his homework. I have a terrible feeling that, because I’m the one that his teachers and other parents interact with, they think that I’m the one who does all this amazing stuff, despite the fact that I tell them at every turn that his mother is the one who spearheads the Halloween spiders and scale models of Saturn. If the definition of “love” is giving without asking in return, my son has the most loving mother in the solar system.

I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner, soulmate, or mother for my son. Happy anniversary, honey. I love you.


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  1. sandrav says:

    Paul – if you hadn’t left facebook you may never have written that anniversary message to your wife – at least not in as much detail. Happy Anniversary to you both. Wish you many years to come with one another and with that sweet talented artist of yours. He’s a cutie!


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